I'm Ashley, a design & style

obsessed aesthete.


pronounced es⋅theet

a person who is sensitive to or has a special appreciation for art and beauty; who perceives through the senses; who has a developed set of principles to guide their art and expression.


Personal photography by Tyronita Belle


I started Aesthete Design Studio back in 2018 to lend my knowledge of fashion business and love of luxe design to create experiences for forward thinking businesses. I wanted to blend commerce, design, and aesthetics into a business because I was already a consumer of a curated lifestyle.

It became a lifestyle for me, evidenced by my personal fashion sense, the products I used, how my home was decorated, to the foods I cooked, the cultures I engaged with, and the media I consumed. It was a vibe. To me, aesthetics is a mix of flavors to express something, then to absorb on an emotional level. I find absolute euphoria in being surrounded by an atmosphere of diverse things and people to which I get to experience. I wanted to be part of that movement, to make beautiful things that others will perceive as beautiful.

If you’re curious about my style, it’s a mix of high and low with some eccentricities in between. 

Imagine this: Tracie Ellis Ross X Rihanna X Teyana Taylor. I create at different levels because I’ve lived at different levels. It's partly from my middle class upbringing in a small town, watching MTV and BET everyday, and a mom who channeled Patti Labelle and June Clever daily (and still does to this day). I was exposed to a multitude of ideas, technology, and cultures through marketing & advertising, educational opportunities, and the onset of the internet. Fuse that with the need for self expression and that explains my personal aesthetic. *Queue Meghan the Stallion’s SAVAGE, “...ratchet, bougie, classic." *body roll*

As an aesthete, it’s not about classism, but about humanism, expression, and how it feels. I make beautiful things for every level but with the highest quality and intention. Whatever I produce, be it a brand, an experience, or products, it should stimulate the senses, be expressive, and inspire a connection.

I’m looking forward to doing the same for your business.

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Aesthete Design Studio is a brand identity studio delivering multi-sensory experiences that your people can see, hear, feel, and touch.


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